drayr for shippers

Small container shippers deserve better

The global logistics game is rigged for the "Megamarts" of the world. drayr helps small shippers leverage the same resources and power as the mega shippers through free logistics tools and a revolutionary trucking platform for containers.

Trucking Power

Drayr is building a new trucking network that allows small shippers to take advantage of the same efficiency as the big guys.

Free Resources

Getting started in the international logistics and shipping world is tough. We provide free resources and tools to get our cargo moving faster.

Our Relationships

Leverage our relationships in the maritime and stevedoring industry to keep your freight moving at the speed of light.

We're building the future of freight

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drayr for truckers

drayr is being built for you

The drayr platform is being built to provide you with on-demand loads, and completely automated paperwork & appointments. Sign up below for exciting news and to be the first in line for a high-paying drayman opportunity.

Fast Payouts

Get paid within days of submitting proof of delivery - auto deposited into your bank account.

Affordable Insurance

We know insurance is one of your top expenses. We provide you with insurance while you are driving for us and affordable options when you aren't.

Automated Dispatching

Our software takes care of all of the pre-arrivals, demurrage, and appointments for you. Just drive and go using our SCAC.

Building a new trucking network

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